Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sippy Cup Saga Take 2 (or in other words, "How we still know nothing the second time around.")

Way back in March 2011, I wrote a blog post on trying to get Nora to drink milk out of a sippy cup.  It was titled "The Sippy Cup Saga", and you can read it here.

In the (almost) nine months now since Maggie was born, we have learned repeatedly that Maggie and Nora are not the same child, and we are constantly taught that things that worked with Nora often do not work for Maggie.  Their personalities are different, their sleep habits are different, their responses to travel and schedule disruptions are different, their developmental patterns are different, etc.  And yet...every time we get to a new stage in Maggie's life, we automatically fall back on trying things that worked for Nora...after all, we have to occasionally get lucky, right?

And so, here you go...Sippy Cup Saga Take 2.

As a reminder, here are the categories for analysis that I used in the initial Sippy Cup Saga blogpost:

Leak test - does the cup leak when held upside down or sideways?
Lid test - when Nora throws the cup across the room, does the lid come off?
Mommy test - How easy is this cup to put together and take apart? How often have I cried or cursed when dealing with this cup? How often have I contemplated writing an angry letter asking the manufacturers of this cup if they themselves have children?
Nora test - What will Nora drink out of the cup (if anything)?
Other notes of interest - you know this one. Anything random not covered in the previous "tests".


Style #1
Yes, this is Style #6 from the previous post.  We bought a new cup in the exact same style, but it is currently at day care so I couldn't photograph it.
Leak test - doesn't matter
Lid test - doesn't matter
Mommy test - doesn't matter
Maggie test - chewed on the spout.  Threw it across the room.

Style #2

Leak test - doesn't matter
Lid test - doesn't matter
Mommy test - doesn't matter
Maggie test - chewed on the spout.  Threw it across the room.

Style #3

Leak test - doesn't matter (but HOLY SMOKES this thing leaks)
Lid test - doesn't matter
Mommy test - doesn't matter
Maggie test - chewed on the spout.  Threw it across the room.

Style #4

Leak test - doesn't matter
Lid test - doesn't matter
Mommy test - doesn't matter
Maggie test - chewed on the spout.  Threw it across the room.

Are you seeing a theme here?  Let me simplify this for you.

Styles #5, 6, 7, and 8 

Leak test - doesn't matter
Lid test - doesn't matter
Mommy test - doesn't matter
Maggie test - chewed on the spout.  Threw it across the room.

Still don't believe me?

Style #9
This picture is post-spout chewing, but pre-throwing across the room.  :)
Leak test - doesn't matter
Lid test - doesn't matter
Mommy test - doesn't matter
Maggie test - chewed on the spout.  Threw it across the room.

 Ugh.  I mean....really?  I've been wracking my brain over this.  Is this a difference between a formula vs a breast-fed baby?  Is the transition to a sippy cup going to be this much harder?  And by the way - I'm not even talking about a true transition here.  Don't think for a moment we are trying to get Maggie to drink milk out of these cups.  This is water, people.  WATER.  

Then Thursday night, we were eating at a restaurant, and Maggie kept reaching for my cup of water and fussing.  I gave in and offered her the cup, and the child DRANK. OUT. OF. THE. STRAW. it was no big deal. 

I've seen the straw-style sippy cups in the store, but they all say 12+ months...and Nora didn't really get a handle on straws until she was well over a year old, so it never occurred to me to try them.

Shows what I know.

Style #10

Leak test - doesn't matter
Lid test - doesn't matter
Mommy test - doesn't matter
Maggie test - drinks water out of this like it is HER JOB.


And so what have I learned?
I have learned AGAIN that Maggie and Nora are not the same child.  ;)  I have learned that Maggie apparently has no time for super slow spout sippy cups.  AND, I have learned that just because an almost 9 month old is a pro at drinking out of a 12+ month cup...she is most definitely NOT a pro at feeding herself with a spoon!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Better late than never!

Yesterday, at 7 months and 4 days, Maggie rolled over! 

She rolled from her tummy to her back..and she acted like it was no big though to say, "Is this what you guys have been bugging me about?  Oh.  Well I can do that."

Yay Maggie!  :)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Happy half birthday, Maggie!

Ok - so this post will contain Maggie's 5th and 6th months (and it is 12 days late).  I swear, I had no idea life with two would be so exciting.  :)


Height - 27.25 inches (89.2% - up 0.25 inches from 4 months.  *I think one of the measurements last appt or this one is incorrect).

Weight - 19 lbs 4 oz (92.6% - up 3 lbs 9 oz from 4 months)

Head -  17.5 inches (90.8%)

The child is proportional!  :)

Maggie is now comfortably in 9 month clothes (some 12 month clothes), and I believe she may be finishing up her last pack of size 3 diapers.  

Social Skills

Oh this child is so delightfully interactive.  Maggie has started reaching for people she knows, and she just giggles and grins whenever we go to pick her up from day care (or when we drop her off for that matter - I believe the ladies might be spoiling her just a weeeee bit).  In terms of sounds, Maggie has continued cooing a lot.  She has a range of noises that she makes on a regular basis.  The newest development is probably her tendency to yell (not scream or cry) when she wants something.  

In the middle of "talking" early one morning. 

Motor skills/Physical development

Maggie is a pro at sitting up on her own! She can easily sit up unassisted for 15 minutes at a time.

In addition, Maggie's fine motor skills seem to be developing well.  She reaches for things, picks up things with both hands, passes things back and forth between her hands (and of course brings things up to her mouth), and she has started manipulating certain toys also.

The one problem - Maggie will NOT roll over, nor will she push up with straight arms while on her tummy.  I'm not sure if she could do these things or not, but she doesn't even have the smallest desire to try to do them...The doctor's official take?  DON'T WORRY!  Maggie is way ahead in her ability to sit up and her fine motor skills, so CALM DOWN.  Some kids never roll over.  So there.


We made it to six months exclusively breastfed!  :) I will write a post about this adventure has been...perhaps not the easiest thing in the world.  On January 12 (6 months and 1 day), we started Maggie on solid food.  So far, she is eating it once per day (in between the late afternoon and evening nursing sessions).  We are taking three days for each new food.  Maggie has tried:
brown rice cereal (she seems to like it)
green beans (she ate them, but there was a lot of shuddering that went on)
bananas (she loves them)
carrots (she seems to like them a bit better then green beans, but not as much as bananas)

Maggie has done really well with solid foods, as long as you can keep her hands busy with something else.  Otherwise, she is really good at repeatedly grabbing the spoon or the container away from you.

According to the doctor, kids don't actually need solid foods for the first year.  The purpose of introducing them is so they can learn to eat, and so they can learn to use a spoon.  He recommends the following:

Month 6 - one meal a day; cereal and vegetables
Month 7 - two meals a day; add fruits
Month 8 - three meals a day; add meats

That being said, he really doesn't think it matters what they eat or when they eat it.  He told us we could try Maggie on anything but honey before her first birthday.  This is pretty different from what we were told with Nora...where we were supposed to wait three days in between new foods, and we had specific times for starting meats, diary products, etc.  The suggestions have changed yet again in less than 3 years.  *I found all of this out today at Maggie's 6 month well-check.  We may stick with the 3 day thing for a few more foods just to ease my mind.  :)


Maggie's sleep is all over the place.  Last night, she was up every 2 to 3 hours to nurse.  The night before, she was up once to nurse (with 5 hour stretches on either side of that).  A few days ago, she went for a nine hour stretch without waking up.  The pediatrician said that is totally normal for a breastfed baby at this age.  He said it would get better with time.

Additional tidbits

- Maggie had her first illness this month.  :(  Poor kiddo had a fever of 100 to 101 for about 36 hours.   She was out of daycare for two full days.  We ended up taking her to the pediatrician because on top of her fever, she was just not herself.  The poor kid was listless and completely uninterested in anything the first day and most of the second day.  The pediatrician told us that based on her fever, her cough, and her stuffiness, she probably either had a cold or RSV.  She told us to watch out for wheezing, and to bring Maggie back if that started.  Luckily, Maggie got better on her own without any more excitement (after passing her cold to me)!

Poor sick baby  :(

- Maggie loves Nora.  She loves to watch Nora, and she loves to giggle at Nora.  Want to know the first person that Maggie actually reached out for?  Nora.  :)

That's it for now.  Happy half birthday Maggie!  :)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Sunday night game of Clue

Clue #1
Cookie missing from the edge of the cooling rack closest to the edge of the dining room table.
Clue #2
Smear of melted chocolate on the dining room wall, directly across from the cooling cookies...about 3 feet up from the floor.

Clue #3
A 3 1/4 ft tall individual with melted chocolate on both her face and her hands trying to look casual by flipping through a sticker book and offering to get Daddy a cookie...just in case somebody needed to taste test one.
My guess? the dining room...with not-so-stealthy little fingers.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Maggie is 4 months old! (ahem...11 days ago)

Sheesh.  I keep getting more and more behind with Maggie's posts.  In my defense, we had to schedule her 4 month well check later because Dan was out of yeah...that's why I'm just posting now at 4 months and 11 days.


- Weight - 15 lbs 11 oz (83%) - up 2 pounds from 2 months
- Height - 27 inches (99.4%!!!) - up 4 INCHES from 2 months

Goodness gracious we have a tall girl! Maggie has already started wearing some 9 month clothes, primarily for height reasons, so I suppose I should have realized she was tall.  The doctor was quite happy with her visit this month.  She is currently in size 2 diapers, but I don't think we will buy another box of size 2s once we run out; I think we will move on to size 3s.

Social skills

- Maggie remains an extremely happy and content baby most of the time.  She has really picked up with cooing and even appears to be trying to mimic certain sounds (squealing, blowing raspberries, and occasionally she even manages a "H" sound when you say hi to her).  She loves to laugh, and the easiest way to get her to laugh is either to tickle her (the child has an extremely ticklish neck) or oddly enough, to scare her.  Jumping around and saying "Boo!" get her every time.  It is also clear that Maggie recognizes certain people, as she is very quick to give us smiles whenever she sees us.  We haven't had too much separation anxiety with drop off at day care yet, although this week, I had to let Dan hand her off because she cried when I tried to.  :(

Motor skills/physical development

- Maggie has started enjoying some time in her exersaucer; she is very good at supporting her weight on her leg, both in and out of the exersaucer (although of course her balance isn't great yet).  :)  In terms of sitting up, Maggie wants to sit up SO badly. She just strains and strains most of the time when you try to put her down on a mat or something.  She can actually manage a half-crunch position.  :)  She usually likes to sit in her Bumbo while we eat dinner; I think she feels like part of the "party" when she does that.  :)

- Maggie has also gotten much better at grabbing toys and things.  She can grab toys and actually manipulate them (to get them into her mouth primarily).  She seems to be really interested in a variety of toys right now...particularly teething rings, some rattles, and a few small stuffed animals.

- Maggie also has become fascinated with her feet and other people's hair...and she is definitely using those grabbing skills to investigate both of those things.

Playing with her feet while falling asleep.


- still exclusively breast fed!!!!  Whew!  We had a tough tough TOUGH time this month.  I got a nasty stomach virus one weekend, and my supply took a major hit for the next week or so.  Things finally seem to be almost back to normal, but it was touch and go there for a few days.

- She is eating every 2.5 to 3 hours during the day; she is still taking 4 to 5 oz per bottle at day care.

- We plan to start Maggie on solid foods right at six months.  I was looking back over Nora's 4 month post, and I was reminded that at the time, the general recommendation was to start solid foods between 4 to 6 months.  We waited until about 5 months and 2 weeks with Nora.  The recommendation now is 6 earlier.   The explanation is that essentially, the GI tract is not physically mature enough to handle solid foods well before that point, and there are arguments that introducing solid food earlier than that can potentially cause long term problems such as allergies, etc.  Of course, the general thinking is that you don't want to wait longer than 6 months either, as some children will be resistant to solid foods if you wait to start them too late.  It just seems easiest to try them when she is 6 months old.


- Maggie is still sleeping well, although lately, the longer stretches (8 to 10 hours) at night have been few and far between.  The longest she is going most of the time these days is about 6 hours.  That is fine, as it is still great to get those uninterrupted stretches of sleep with a baby this young, and I also think that part of the problem over the past few weeks has been my supply drop due to my stomach virus. She is still sleeping in a pack n play in our bedroom.  We will probably change this after Christmas, but moving Maggie out of our room also means moving Nora into her big girl room...and that just seems like a lot of change right before the holidays.

Additional tidbits

- Maggie loves to listen to stories.  She will fuss and fuss if you don't sit her up to look at the books that Dan reads to Nora in the evenings.
- She is still neutral about a pacifier.  She occasionally uses one to calm down, but that's about it.
- The things that make Maggie mad this month - hunger!  (!!!) , having a stuffy nose, having the stuffy nose cleaned out, and not being able to sit up on her own...OH...and the car seat.  The child HATES the car seat.  Trips have best.
- Maggie was baptized this month (November 3)!  She was a perfect baby for the baptism, and then she promptly fell asleep and slept through all of the pictures afterwards.  She was able to wear the family christening gown that has been worn by my grandmother, my dad, my uncle, myself, my sisters, my cousins, and Nora.  It is an amazing family heirloom that just makes the day even more special (of course I also always worry that one of my children will be the one to spit up or worse on the the gown).  :)

So stinkin' cute!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Three months already!

Ms. Maggie is three months old already!  Unbelievable.

Social skills:
This month, Maggie has really bloomed in terms of her social interactions.  She readily smiles at people (and she is not at all selective...pretty much, if you smile at Maggie, Maggie will smile back at you).  She also has begun cooing A LOT.  She coos to get your attention, and then she has a conversation with speak, she coos, you speak, she have the audacity to turn your attention to something/someone else...she speak, she coos, etc.  :)


Motor skills/physical development:
Maggie also has gotten even better at head control this month.  She also can sit up in a Bumbo (although she has mixed feelings about this most of the time), and she has started to grab things!  Just in the past few days, she has started trying to grab her feet.

Maggie is keeping up her growth.  She is now comfortably in six month clothes for both height and weight. 

Still breastfeeding!  Woohooo!  Maggie is nursing around every 2-3 hours during the day.  Most nights she nurses before she goes to sleep and then not again for 8 hours or so.  I'm guessing that is why she nurses more frequently during the day.  In a bottle, she is drinking anywhere from 4 to 5 oz each time.  She did take 6 oz one time this month at day care.

Maggie is still having some problems sleeping at day care.  She sort of cat-naps for 20-30 minutes at a time, usually four to five times each day.  She then comes home and sleeps from 7:00 until 8:30 almost every night, then she wakes up, nurses one more time, and then goes back to sleep.  After the 8:30 feeding is when the variation really comes in...sometimes she is up at 11:30 and 3:30 to nurse again, and sometimes she sleeps from around 9:00 pm until 5:00 or 6:00 am the next morning.  Amazing.

I've been trying not to compare the girls too much, but there is one major difference that I have to point out at this time.  With Nora, she HAD to sleep in a swaddler.  She was swaddled for sleeping (even at day care) from the time she was born to around six or seven months when she started to consistently break out of the swaddles.  Maggie?  Maggie has HATED to be swaddled since day one.  The child sleeps in the most spread out, relaxed positions possible:


No restrictions for this kid!

Other tidbits:

In terms of a paci, Maggie still could sort of take it or leave it.  She will occasionally use one when she is trying to go to sleep, but otherwise, if she is mad enough for you to think that she needs one, she is too mad to take one (things that currently make Maggie mad - having a wet diaper, being hungry, and being in the car.  The child HATES the car).  Maggie would MUCH rather suck on her fingers than a paci.  The microbiologist in me really really really doesn't like this, but I have never seen a child so determined to suck on her hands.

Maggie has now had several baths, and so far, she is 50/50 on whether she loves baths or hates them.  She either lays back and just kicks her feet...or she screams and screams and screams....Sheesh!

Post-angry-bath.  Notice the sort of grimacy-smiles on the faces of Dan and Nora.
Overall, another wonderful month!  :)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Maggie is two months old!

Maggie's two month update is a weee bit late (6 days).  I actually had most of it written last week, know...poor second child and all that.  I'll do better!

Updates from her doctor's appointment:

Weight - 13 lbs 11 oz - 95%
Height - 23 inches - 75%
Head - 15 3/4 inches - 75%

Clearly, the poor kid knew something was up while waiting at the doctor's office.

Ms. Maggie is thriving!  She is an extremely content baby so far.  The only times she really fusses are when she is hungry (and then she want to eat NOW...better yet, perhaps 10 minutes ago would have been appropriate) or occasionally when she has a wet diaper or is tired.

Eating and growth - we are still breastfeeding!  Yay!  Yes, we are still occasionally having problems.  Yes, I am still in contact with lactation consultants from the hospital.  And yes, it is still one of the hardest things I have ever done...but we are persisting!  I still need to write a blog post about our...adventures.

I went back to work 3 1/2 weeks ago, and although I hate hate hate pumping that often during the day, we are making it work.  Maggie has been on a schedule of eating every 3 hours during the day (based on the pediatrician's recommendation at her one month well check), but based on her excellent weight gain, we are now supposed to only feed her on demand for both the day and the night (she had previously been eating on demand at night...usually going anywhere from 3 to 5 hour stretches...with the occasional 6 or 7 hour stretch thrown in as a treat).

The pediatrician did mention that Maggie's weight was in a higher percentile than her height, but he also informed us that this is normal for breastfed babies early on.  He said she should even out by 6 to 8 months.

Maggie is currently (already!) in 3-6 month clothes for the most part, and she is wearing size 2 diapers.

Sleeping - Did you see that comment above?  Occasional 6 or 7 hour stretches?  My goodness.  Don't get me wrong, there are nights where we are up every 2-3 hours, and really the norm is for Maggie to sleep one good 4 or 5 hour stretch and then wake up every 2-3 hours after that, but I will take an occasional long stretch at this point!

Other notes - Let's see.  The random things I don't want to forget....Maggie is smiling quite a bit at people these days, and she is definitely making more eye contact.  Her head control is pretty good.  She hates tummy time, but if you hold her on your chest or if you hold her in your arms, that little head is up and looking around almost constantly.   She does the same thing in the carrier as long as she isn't sleepy.  I've got to change the carrier from the infant setting soon due to Ms. Maggie's height and weight.  Goodness she is growing fast!

Maggie started day care yesterday.  The ladies said she did a great job.  She is a content baby, and she "looooooves" her bottle (yep...see the 97% for weight above).  Maggie didn't sleep much yesterday, so she was zonked out last night.  Poor kiddo.

In addition, Maggie was able to meet one of her great grandmothers this month, as well as Daniel's Aunt Margie.  Maggie is actually named after Aunt Margie...who is one of the sweetest people that we know.  We are so glad they were finally able to meet!

Maggie and Great-Grandma Joyce!

Aunt Margie and Maggie!
  She is such a sweet girl!  On to month 3!